How I Want To Do Analysis

I will use the internets research ability to analyse industries complementing web search with blog ranking tools, real-time search and any other analysis techniques I discover.

I am planning to analyse media stories or issues which will include criticism of the media. I will include a certain amount of research of the subject myself. Mainly to discover if the story has been written to sell media or cut costs of proper research at the expense of readers. That is the beauty of the internet. Publishing is cheap and so there can be publishers that do not have the conflict of interest of selling media or advertising.

Some analysis will include…

  • a look at daily news reports. Bad vs. good news. Science coverage. Media industry self promotion. Stories that require research will be indicated.
  • negative news. Does it represent the real world. What good news did not get reported. What effects does constant bad news have on society.
  • finance industry. Requires constant scrutiny.
  • politics. I won’t do too much of this. There is already enough. But I may scrutinise the politicians and scrutinisers now and then.
  • real estate industry. Same as finance. But the market is interesting. It appears to be bubbling forever in Australia.